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Opal – Eight Months Old
January 23, 2016
Baby Opal! One of my favorite babies in the world, for many reasons. She belongs to one of my best friends, Katie. She is also the first and only baby (other than my own) that I've ever experienced wa... VIEW POST
Patrick – Six Months
April 29, 2014
Patrick and his brother Luke are so sweet. I loved meeting them and their parents when I went to their house to take Patrick's six month photos. Patrick has the most gorgeous blue eyes! I loved all of... VIEW POST
Gannon – Newborn
April 29, 2014
Welcome to the world, sweet little Gannon! VIEW POST
Eliza – Six Months Old
April 6, 2014
Eliza is one of the smiliest babies I've ever met. Her brother Abe is pretty happy too, and they are so fun to photograph. I love the bond between Mary & Eliza ... some of my favorite photos from this... VIEW POST
Catalina – Six Months Old
March 22, 2014
Pretty little miss Catalina's six month session is here! She didn't seem to want to smile for the camera ... but I was able to catch the grin a few times. She is the sweetest. ... VIEW POST
Bella – Nine Months Old
February 27, 2014
Bella's nine month shoot last fall was filled with glittering sunshine and crunchy leaves, and of course her wonderful family. Cindy and Ben are good friends of mine, and Ben is a photographer himself... VIEW POST
Owen – Six Months Old
February 7, 2014
Oh, sweet Owen and his cheeks! This shoot happened in late September .... but I have to share it because I love Owen and this little family so much. Lindsay is my cousin, and we went to a special plac... VIEW POST
eliza – three months old
September 18, 2013
sweet eliza and her family wanted to get some pictures taken this fall for their christmas cards, but after finding out about my baby package, eliza's mom was all for it! so now, you will get to see t... VIEW POST
catalina – three months old.
August 29, 2013
little cat is three months old! VIEW POST
noah w. – six months old
August 15, 2013
noah is six months old! for this session, we wanted to go outside since we were inside on a rainy day for his three month session. we also went to one of noah's parents' favorite places in peoria, ema... VIEW POST